News From 1938 Nuremberg

October 14, 2008

Via Salon’s Alex Koppelman:

“Once again, an attendee at a Sarah Palin rally has called for the death of Barack Obama. The Times-Tribune reports that someone in the crowd for a Palin event on Tuesday shouted “Kill him!” when a Republican congressional candidate mentioned Obama’s name. (H/T Ben Smith.)”


Are you fucking shitting me??  Arguably, the first time this happened, the comment was aimed at Bill Ayers (I’m not sure that makes it any better).  This time, it’s undeniably aimed at Obama.  This is at least the second call for Obama’s murder at a Palin rally (the bizarre, Queen-of-Hearts-ish “off with his head” being the first).  This is totally unacceptable.  It is unconscionable for Palin et al. to blithely continue to speak without immediately condemning such language.  This is happening in the United States??  Palin is a sociopathic wannabe despot, and her husband is a brownshirted thug.

So will the NSA start monitoring my blog now?  At least I’ll have an audience!


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