Blue Mass.

October 18, 2008

Great article in the Globe on the sorry state of the Massachusetts GOP. Just to put things into perspective:

“Republicans took a pass at challenging 118 Democratic incumbents in the 200-member Legislature and failed to run candidates for six seats legislators are vacating. Only 48 Republicans are running for the Legislature at all, and only four are running for 10 US House seats.

“‘I don’t know how you could do this bad, unless you really weren’t trying,’ said a former Republican State Committee executive.

“This summer, Republicans’ voter registration dropped below 12 percent. And fund-raising is tough for the Republican State Committee, which raised just $710 last month compared with the Democrats’ $71,000, campaign finance records show.”

After their sleazeball Kerry Healey campaign, excuse me for gloating. $710??!!??

Maybe there’s a job for Healey in a McCain administration. Remember, she’s a crimonologist. Would go together well with Palin the energy expert and Russia scholar.


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