Cindy McCain

October 20, 2008

Here’s the NY Times article on Cindy McCain everyone’s talking about, and which the McCain campaign is having a conniption over. Personally, I think it’s fair game for one big reason: she went to the microphone and accused Barack Obama of putting her son in danger by voting against troop funding. As far as I’m concerned, that crossed a line form being ‘just the candidate’s spouse’ to being very directly involved in the campaign’s attacks on Sen. Obama. And that makes press scrutiny fair game. I also think the article is fairly even-handed. The drugs are mentioned in a single paragraph of a three-page article. The bottom line is that this is a wealthy, powerful actor in American politics who is directly involved in the presidential campaign. A relatively restrained expose in the country’s newspaper of record is perfectly acceptable.

Yet Glenn Greenwald, with whom I often agree, sees it as beyond the pale.

I find her Diana obsession, btw, to be very revealing.


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