October 23, 2008

Remember the PUMAs? Party Unity My Ass? They were the Clinton supporters who were so pissed off at Obama’s victory in the primaries that they were all bailing for McCain. Nate Silver looks at the polls to figure out whatever happened to them. The bottom line is that Obama has about 90% support among Democrats, easily comparable to Kerry in 2004 and Gore in 2000. Obama also has greater support among Democrats than McCain has among Republicans. So much for any significant chunk of the Democratic vote switching to McCain. Yet this past summer the smart adults on the tee vee made it sound as if there was a revolt taking place in the Democratic Party (remember how important Hillary Clinton’s speech was at the DNC?).

Also, remember how Palin was supposed to draw away all the Clinton supporters? You see, she has ovaries, and Clinton has ovaries, so Democratic voters who also had ovaries were all going to defect en masse. A funny thing happened on the way to Alaska, though – Palin has a 12% favorability rating among Democrats. Even better, she has a 60% disapproval rating among all women 18-49.

Not exactly all the top graduates of Columbia School Journalism on the tee vee news…


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