Racists For Obama

October 27, 2008

Make no mistake – one of the biggest reasons McCain is pushing so hard for Pennsylvania is that in spite of Obama’s double-digit lead there, they think they can flip it because of racism. The NY Times has an article today about political sentiments in the burned-out steel towns of Pennsylvania. Some telling quotes:

First, most interesting to me, the racists-for-Obama phenomenon–
“‘I’m no racist, but I’m not crazy about him either,’ said Mr. Piroli, 77. ‘I don’t know, maybe ’cause he’s black.’

He winces at himself. ‘We was raised and worked with the black, the Serb,’ he said. ‘It was a regular league of nations. And the economy now, it’s terrible.’

‘I’ve got to vote for him,’ he said finally.

Him? ‘The Democrat, Obama,’ Mr. Piroli replied. ‘I can’t be stupid.'”

The SERB??!! Racism always seems the most ridiculous when it is aimed at (what is to you) the unusual… They have problems with Serbs. Who knew?

Here’s another telling quote from the scared-of-a-black-planet camp:

““’He scares me,’ Mrs. Permon said. ‘The coloreds are excited, but my friends and I plan to write in Hillary’s name.'”

The COLOREDS!!! Sign this woman up as an extra on Mad Men, because she’s still in 1962! Notice that even Eva Braun here isn’t voting for McCain, but is writing in Hillary.

Anyhow, the bottom line seems to be that racism is alive and well in God’s Country, Pennsylvania, and the Obama-is-a-black-Muslim-scary-Terrorist-Commie line seems to be working, but it’s not necessarily working well enough for McCain to make an impact on the election. Anyway, read the whole article. The photo in the article is straight out of Deerhunter.


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