Taking Disarmament Seriously

October 27, 2008

We live in a very odd world today. Among other things, there are tens of thousands of nuclear warheads in the world (almost entirely in the United States and Russia), and apparently this isn’t even an issue worthy of serious discussion. A good number of those warheads are on delivery systems that are on hair-trigger alert, and even THAT fact doesn’t seem to be worthy of much discussion. I cannot recall even so straight forward a matter as the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty being discussed in any of the Presidential Debates. But hey, we’re more worried about whether Barack Obama and Bill Ayers lead an international Islamic Communist conspiracy, right (can you imagine what Bill Ayers’s life must be like right now?)?

Well, it’s interesting to see that some people are taking this seriously. The UN just sponsored a major one-day conference on the issue of disarmament. It featured such ultra-left-wing-Bill-Ayers-Ahmadinejad-Hussein-Terrorist types as Henry Kissinger, Sam Nunn, William Perry, and George Schultz, who have called for some sort of tree-hugging Commie disarmament plan.

Just one question: what would happen if the Obama administration (it’s coming!) were to seriously put disarmament on the political agenda? By this I do NOT mean unilateral disarmament, but global, stepwise measures aimed at achieving massive reduction or even the elimination of nuclear stockpiles over the long term, measures such as signing (and even ratifying!) the CTBT? How would the GOP react? Fox News? Rush Limbaugh? Joe the Plumber (who may be Congressman Joe the Plumber soon…)? By the way…how much more news coverage is given to Joe the Plumber than all nuclear issues combined? Which is, of course, completely normal…


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