October 28, 2008

From the Globe:

“As his father raised his camera, an 8-year-old boy aimed an Uzi at a pumpkin set up at a shooting event. Before his father could focus, the third-grader from Connecticut squeezed the trigger, and the high-powered weapon recoiled and fatally shot the boy in the head.
The death of Christopher Bizilj at the Westfield Sportsman’s Club Sunday has raised questions about how someone so young could be allowed to shoot an automatic weapon, which can fire hundreds of rounds in a minute.

In a telephone interview yesterday, the boy’s father, Dr. Charles Bizilj, said he stood 10 feet behind his son as a professional trained in using the 9-mm Micro Uzi machine gun stood beside the boy on Sunday afternoon. He said he doesn’t think the shooting instructor was holding the weapon as his son pressed the trigger, as guides did with other children firing the weapon.

‘This accident was truly a mystery to me,’ he said.”

A fucking mystery??!! Really?? I’m sick.


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