“We’re All Georgians Now.”

November 6, 2008

One more reason to be thankful McCain didn’t win – we don’t have to continue to pretend that Georgia was a totally innocent party, a Christian and freedom-loving nation unprovokedly attacked by evil Russia:

“Georgian military forces fired more cluster munitions during their war with Russia in August than originally thought, and some of the weapons may have malfunctioned, causing civilian casualties when they fell short of military targets and hit Georgian villages, according to new research by Human Rights Watch.

Though Russia endured the brunt of international outrage for its conduct during and after the war, Georgia’s actions in the conflict have come under increasing scrutiny. While Georgia has strongly denied the findings, the new Human Rights Watch report, which was presented at the Convention on Conventional Weapons in Geneva on Tuesday, adds to a growing body of evidence of Georgian atrocities in the fighting.”

These cluster bombs sound pretty horrible. What barbarians would use such things?

“The use of cluster munitions has been condemned worldwide because of the devastating effects they can have on civilians. Unexploded bomblets scattered over broad areas can kill and maim people for years. More than 100 countries adopted the Convention on Cluster Munitions in May, vowing to refrain from using, storing and selling cluster munitions. Georgia and Russia have not adopted the convention, nor have many of the heaviest users of cluster bombs, including the United States and Israel.”

Oh. Of course.

This is all from the NY Times, though, so don’t believe any of it without checking with Rush Limbaugh first.


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