The Republicans Were Right!

November 7, 2008

From the Globe:

“He has been a property owner, with three signature buildings in Downtown Crossing, a three-decker in Brookline, a commercial building in Sharon, and his stately $900,000 home in Chestnut Hill.
He has been a restaurateur, opening with his wife a Middle Eastern café in Brookline that drew a positive review. He has been a franchisee, with three Honey Dew Donut shops, and he has owned a convenience store and a fruit stand.
According to authorities, Joseph Youshaei’s seemingly nonstop entrepreneurship made him a wealthy man, worth between $2.4 and $2.6 million. He drove a Mercedes and his three children attended the private Maimonides School, at a cost of $39,820 a year.
But between 1999 and 2005, when authorities say Youshaei, 46, was involved in 19 separate businesses, he and his wife, Jila, were also falsely telling the state that they were poor, prosecutors say. In Suffolk Superior Court yesterday, prosecutors alleged that the couple claimed they earned just $475 a week in order to obtain free, taxpayer-funded healthcare for themselves and their children – $53,000 worth of care over six years.
The two counts each of procurement fraud and larceny over $250 by continuous scheme carry penalties of up to 15 years in prison.”

Several people wrote into to the Globe with comments. Some of my favorites (and very representative, by the way):

— “I work in a doctor’s office. I’ve written the governor for people committing fraud like this. Showing up with all jews, dressed to the nines, expensive SUV’s.”

Showing up with all “jews?” I think they mean jewelry, but the Freudian slip’s a little telling, huh?


It’s not those white guys on Wall Street, people, and it’s not the Bushies in Washington. The economy tanked because of the blacks and the Mexicans. And those people “showing up with all jews.” THAT’S what’s wrong in America.

— “Thank god question one didn’t pass. If it had the middle class wouldn’t be able to fund millionaire’s health care. Anyone else want to bet there’s hundreds of others pulling this scam?”

That’s right. On the one hand there’s Enron, Worldcom, the S&L scandal, Halliburton, Ted Stevens, etc. On the other hand there’s this couple stealing 50 grand. For the former we have a $700 billion bailout. For the latter, we need to end income tax and state entitlement programs. The state should not provide services for anyone unless we can guarantee that all 6 million or so citizens in this state won’t steal a penny.

The sad thing is, I do actually live in fear of stories like this – I worry that some lowlife shithead is going to cheat the government out of a big chunk of money, that shithead is going to be brown-skinned or from Guatemala or something (or BOTH!! BOO!!), and the white people are going to vote away income tax. Every time I see a story about so-and-so murdered so-and-so or so-and-so embezzled a million dollars and it turns out to be Seamus McWhitey from South Boston with a shamrock tattoo on his arm and cross around his neck, I feel relieved (of course, no such thing every happens, right?). Oh, good, it was a white Irish guy. Nobody will mention taking taxes and healthcare and education away.

If some white Christian couple cheated on their taxes to the tune of $100,000, nobody would bat an eye. At a minimum, it wouldn’t bring the bigoted knuckle-draggers out of the woodwork. If a black couple (or people “showing up with all jews”) or immigrant family cheats the government, then it’s sign that liberalism has failed and we need to end all state subsidies to everything. This obsession with white people’s hard-earned tax money going to black and brown people who loaf around all day, though, is not racism, you see. You’re not racist unless you burn crosses and wear a hood. Unless every single black and brown person (and every person decked out in “jews”) is on the up and up, we can’t provide healthcare to the poor. Simple as that.

One other observation – Jews still count! I wouldn’t have thought so. Maybe it’s because these two have REALLY Jew-y names, and the woman has the kerchief and all. And the whole Sharon, Brookline, Chestnut Hill thing. But good to see that antisemitism is alive and well.

ACORN, Hussein, Spanish, Muslim, Rashid Khalidi!! BOO!!


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