This Didn’t Take Long

November 7, 2008

It took exactly 3 days for the Europeans to revert back to their default setting – the belief that nothing that happens in America amounts to jack shit. Toby Young in the London Spectator on Obama (the title is priceless: “Obama Isn’t Black”):

“I don’t see why his election has prompted such an orgy of self-congratulation in America. (For an example, see Anne Applebaum’s piece on the front of today’s Telegraph.) How can the election of a light-skinned man of colour assuage the guilt white Americans feel about slavery? Slaves were black. Barack Obama isn’t descended from slaves. He was born in Hawaii and raised by two white people. He looks like a skinny white guy with a tan. If America had elected a guy who looked like Robert Mugabe to become President, then I’d be impressed. But this guy? My Jewish father-in-law spends a week in the sun, he goes darker than Obama.”

It gets a lot better:

“Nearly all the so-called ‘black’ people that now enjoy high-profile positions in America — Colin Powell, Condoleezza Rice, Tiger Woods, Tyra Banks, Beyonce — are at the light-skinned end of the spectrum. It is almost as if America lined up every citizen with any African-American blood, putting the darkest at one end and the lightest at the other, and said to all the people on the far right-hand-side, ‘Okay, you can sit at the front of the bus, but the rest of you, stay in the back.'”

Wow, so much to comment on there. First, Colin Powell, Condi Rice, and Beyonce Knowles are “so-called ‘black.'” Exquisite! This guy’s on the same crazy pills as Jeff Jacoby! Second, Tyra Banks? Really? We start off with two Secretaries of State, then were down to Tyra Banks? I think this guy needs a copy of Who’s Who In Black America.

Finally, here’s the money quote:

“White Americans have finally come around to the idea of having a coffee-coloured President. Great. But when are they going to stop discriminating against people who are actually black?”

COFFEE-COLOURED!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I love British comedy! Oh, wait, he’s not joking? Wow.

As a point of reference, here’s John McWhorter (who is indeed BLACK) in The New Republic:

“Michelle Obama is sure enough black, and she seems to think her husband is quite black enough, thank you very much. I assume his kids pass muster.
Let’s celebrate.”


And here’s a response from James Kirchick at The New Republic in an article aptly titled “Tell It To Your Queen:”

“Who is some pasty British guy to tell Americans, particularly black Americans (no matter how dark their skin), how they ought understand Barack Obama’s election victory? Judging by the reactions of the many, many black Americans I’ve encountered over the past few days, I think it’s safe to say that they feel a great deal of pride and joy for their country, and that they truly do believe that more things are possible for them and the next generation. And isn’t their reaction (as well as the reactions of other ethnic minorities) what ultimately matters when discussing the impact of Barack Obama’s historic election on race relations in this country, rather than the snide offerings of a British hack? (I use that term as British patois, with affection).”

You go, girl. Kirchick continues:

“Young should tell Obama to his face that he ‘isnt’ black.’ I’m sure Obama would be surprised. The simple fact is that if you have a parent who is black, you will be viewed as black by society. Certainly that’s the case in Great Britain.

The British House of Commons currently has 4 black members (according to this list, which names 15 individuals, though most of them are of south Asian descent but considered “black” in terms of the Parliamentary Black Caucus). Parliament is a representative body comprising over 640 members. In comparison, the 435-member United States House of Representatives has 41 black members, as well as 2 black non-voting delegates. To be sure, the black population in Great Britain is about 1/6 that of the United States, but even accouting for this demographic difference, the Brits lag behind in having a legislative body that accurately reflects the diversity of their black population. And it’s not like blacks are the only ethnic group lacking in parliamentary representation. Perhaps when the British people elect a number of non-white MPs even remotely comparable to the figure in the United States — never mind a non-white prime minister! — then Young can lecture us Americans about our ‘white guilt’ and ‘discrimination.'”

Fucking unbelievable. It took THREE FUCKING DAYS. The Americans are racist – their president is a light-skinned black. He’s almost white, for chrissakes. Why isn’t Flavor Flav president? Now he’s BLACK.

Really?? In Britain, South Asians are “black??”


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