WTF??!! #2 (Nazis!)

November 7, 2008

From the AP:

“It ought to be a proud milestone in the Dutch seafaring heritage — the construction of a new ship its owner claims will be the world’s largest. But there’s one problem: its name.
Edwin Heerema, founder of the company that has commissioned the $1.7 billion vessel, wants to name it the Pieter Schelte after his late father, Pieter Schelte Heerema, who was renowned as a maritime engineer but was condemned for his service in the murderous Nazi Waffen SS.”

But like all those Nazis, he was REALLY on the good guys’ side:

“[Allseas Netherlands spokesman Jeroen] Hagelstein said Heerema joined the Nazis out of opposition to communism rather than enthusiasm for national socialism. He said he then switched sides and joined the resistance in 1943 ‘as he could no longer associate himself with the ideas of the Nazis.’
He noted that Heerema was tried and released shortly after the war, which shows he ‘cannot have been seriously delinquent.’

Sure, he was SS (really, people who WASN’T?), but he wasn’t REALLY SS. He was just SS in the cuddly anticommunist sense, not in the let’s-make-socks-out-of-Jews sense.

“Heerema’s file at the NIOD contains a report of a speech he gave in 1941 in which he was quoted as saying ‘The German race is model. The Jewish race, by comparison, is parasitic … therefore the Jewish question must be resolved in every Aryan country.'”

He didn’t mean it! C’mon, don’t believe EVERYTHING you read.

“After winning promotions within the Waffen SS, Heerema became assistant director of an organization that rounded up unemployed Dutch workers and resettled them in Nazi-occupied areas of Eastern Europe, where hundreds died.”

Big deal. It was only hundreds. That’s small beer by SS standards. That’s like SS Lite.

So how did this guy end up so big in the shipping business? You just know South America has to come into this:

“After a falling-out with his German superiors in August 1943, Heerema disappeared until his arrest in Switzerland in March 1944.
After his release in November, 1946, he headed to Venezuela where he began a new company and rapidly achieved success.
As a postwar industrialist he was credited with such important innovations as the semi-submersible crane vessel for work in rough seas.
He became a multimillionaire and member of the Dutch elite, but questions about his past resurfaced periodically until his death in 1981.”

I am speechless.


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