We Live In A Post-Racial Society!

November 9, 2008

From the Boston Globe:

“The fire that destroyed a church being built for a predominantly black congregation was intentionally set, law enforcement officials said yesterday.
The timing of the fire at the Macedonian Church of God in Christ building early Wednesday morning – just a few hours after Barack Obama’s landmark victory – caused the church’s leader, Bishop Bryant J. Robinson Jr., to question whether it was a hate crime…The fire that began shortly after 3 a.m. caused about $2 million in damage, leaving a skeleton of wooden beams and tin roofing surrounded by piles of debris.”

Yeah, now that we elected Obama, racism is dead. We’re a colorblind society.

Of course, it’s only the one, lone racist out there in Massachusetts who set this fire. The people who commented on this article on the Globe’s website showed nothing but empathy. Here are some great examples:

— “When a Black churche burns down it’s all over the news papers. When a White Church burns down you never hear about It. I wonder why.”

Um, maybe because it doesn’t happen? Ever?
It must be so difficult to live as a white person in our society, so many doors of opportunity closed to you.

— “Everyone loves a good church burnin’ am I right fellas!”

— “Burning churches is a thing of Marting Luther King days. CLEARLY EFFECTIVE ACT!!! Isn’t there a lesson learned here? Keep it up genius, your just giving them more and more motivation.”

Church burning is so PASSE! It’s SO 1968! WAY out of fashion. And yes, the lesson here is: burning ‘their’ churches only fives “them more and more motivation.” Them, I assume, means The Blacks. As for what it’s motivating them to do…build more churches? Pray more to their black god? Do crazy black rabble-rousing things? God only knows.

— “Wait for the investigation to be complete before you judge!”

Right. So far the police have only ruled it arson. So all we know is that is was a case of arson against a black church. Hours after the election of the first African-American president. There are SO many things that could explain this. Let’s not jump to any rash conclusions.

— “Surprise, surprise. Racism exists in Massachusetts. Institutional racism in the form of regional prejudice and a Boston-area bias need to be addressed by our state leaders. Until then, Appalachian New Englanders (western Mass citizens) will continue to suffer from severe neglect.”

See, the REAL racism here is on the part of the Boston elitist socialist Marxists against the good people of Western Massachusetts. How DARE we judge them for burning down black churches!!! REGIONAL PREJUDICE!!

Of course, I’m cherry picking the 4 worst comments on there. OUT OF A TOTAL OF 7 COMMENTS. So totally unrepresentative. 100% of those commenting weren’t racist – only a clear majority.


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