Obama And Scowcroft BFFs

November 24, 2008

Me confused. Me thinked Obama wuz Marxist Secret Muslim. Now Obama appointing Scowcroft proteges?? Does not compute.

From the WSJ:

“The relationship between the president-elect and the Republican heavyweight suggests that Mr. Scowcroft’s views, which place a premium on an Israeli-Palestinian peace accord, might hold sway in the Obama White House.

Defense Secretary Robert Gates, who was deputy national-security adviser under Mr. Scowcroft in the George H.W. Bush administration, is almost certain to be retained by Mr. Obama, according to aides to the president-elect. Richard Haass, a Scowcroft protégé and former State Department official, could be tapped for a senior National Security Council, State Department or intelligence position. Mr. Haass currently runs the Council on Foreign Relations.

Other prominent Republicans with close ties to Mr. Obama — including former Secretary of State Colin Powell, who endorsed the Democrat in the final days of the campaign, and Indiana Sen. Richard Lugar, a senior member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee — share Mr. Scowcroft’s philosophy.”

It’s stuff like this that’s going to have many progressives howling with rage. It’s also stuff like this that leads me to question my progressive credentials. I’m a fan of many of Scowcroft’s foreign polic views, and I’m also a big supporter of Dick Lugar’s efforts on securing nuclear materials. Scowcroft was an opponent of the invasion of Iraq and spoke out against it, at the cost of being cut out of any influence with the Bush II White House. He’s also right about prioritizing an Arab-Israel peace. These guys are realists, not neocons, and putting them in positions of power signals in many respects a sea change in US foreign policy.

Additionally, if you’re going to put some Republicans in power to create the veneer of bipartisanship, this is the way to do it. It’s going to be a lot harder for the right-wingers and the Limbaugh crowd to harp on every Obama foreign policy decision when you have the imprimatur of a Republican, MORMON Air Force general and Bush I National Security Adviser. Of course, they’ll be screaming that he’s a Marxist Secret Muslim, too, come July at the latest…


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