Payback’s A Bitch For FOX

December 1, 2008


“As we’ve been documenting, Fox News hasn’t gotten a question in during President-elect Barack Obama’s five press conferences since the election.

Today was another. Questions instead went to such outlets as ABC, New York Times, CBS, Reuters and the Associated Press.”

5 press conferences, Fox called on 0 times. Priceless.

BTW, I can hear the Republicans boo-hooing over this unfair business. And I think it’s bullshit. Fox is a propaganda outfit that advertises itself quite disingenuously as an objective new organization. They called the First Lady “Obama’s baby mama” and accused the President and First Lady of sharing a “terrorist fist jab.” And they just hired Glenn Beck. Fuck them.

And Glenn Beck’s debut on Fox, originally set for spring, just got moved up to – wait for it! – the day before the inauguration.


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