WTF Is That Thing With The Flag On The Header??

December 1, 2008



is the monument on Prospect Hill in Somerville, Mass. It was built in 1902 to mark the spot where Washington’s army built its main encampment and fortifications, known as the Citadel, during the Siege of Boston. It was the principal fortification in a chain that stretched from Chelsea to Roxbury, effectively surrounding Boston and its harbor. Local folklore has it that the first US flag (actually the Grand Union Flag) was raised here January 1, 1776, but that’s historically questionable. The whole thing is ‘reenacted’ every New Year’s Day – fife and drum, colonial costumes, horses, muskets, flag, the whole bit. There’s a lot of ‘reenactment’ of all things Revolutionary around here.

It’s a nice spot in a small park near Union Square, and it has a commanding view of downtown Boston. Plus we’re (albeit skeptical) Revolutionary history buffs here at Moxie’s World.

Read a little more about it here, if you’re interested.

And watch the ‘reenactment’ (make sure you’re sitting down and not drinking any liquids):


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