Tensions Mount Between India And Pakistan

December 27, 2008

Pakistan, while pledging not to attack India first, has begun moving 20,000 troops from the Afghan border east to the border with India:

“Pakistan has begun moving some troops away from its western border with Afghanistan and has stopped soldiers from going on leave amid rising tensions with India, Pakistani officials said Friday.

Two of the officials said the troops were headed to the border with India in the east.”

Juan Cole offers some analysis:

“This troop movement appears to be preventative, and to have been made possible by the advent of cold weather in the north, which would have made it impossible for that division to operate in any case.

It may also be that the troop movement is an attempt by Pakistan to put pressure on the US to pressure India to back off. The US wants the Pakistani army fighting the Taliban and their al-Qaeda allies in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas of Pakistan, which abut Afghanistan and serve as bases from the Afghan Taliban. Pakistan could be signalling that if it has to worry about a military challenge from India, it can hardly pursue campaigns like the recent one at Bajaur, a far north tribal agency. “


One Response to “Tensions Mount Between India And Pakistan”

  1. rishil said

    With current tension mounting between India and Pakistan, a posibility of war cannot be totally ruled out. While India government keeps all its options open and Pakistan building up military presence at the border, the tension is only building up. Here is a quick overview of the military capabilities of Pakistan and the military capabilities of India. http://askwiki.blogspot.com/2008/12/india-and-pakistan-military-weapon.html

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