Holder Needs To Watch A Few Episodes Of “24”

January 15, 2009

Steve Benen on the Senate hearings for far-left AG appointee Eric “Chomsky” Holder:

“When Alberto Gonzales was the nominee for Attorney General, he went to great lengths to avoid describing waterboarding as torture, or even addressing whether the practice is legal. Michael Mukasey’s A.G. nomination was nearly derailed by his unwillingness to address similar questions.

It wasn’t a trick question. Today, Eric Holder answered it.

Holder’s response was both unequivocal and encouraging: If you look at the history of the use of that technique, used by the Khmer Rouge, used in the Inquisition, used by the Japanese and prosecuted by us as war crimes. We prosecuted our own soldiers for using it in Vietnam. I agree with you, Mr. Chairman, waterboarding is torture.’

Say what you want about Bush, Cheney, Gonzalez, etc., but after that first 9/11, there were no more 9/11s, were there? And did you ever wonder why that is? Because when Cheney and the other serious adults were in charge of this country, they lived by the Jack Bauer motto: “Whatever It Takes.” So what if one of the terrorists smuggles a nuclear bomb into Manhattan – or worse, Branson, Missouri – and it’s set to go off in, say two hours, and we have that terrorist in custody. Shouldn’t we do “Whatever It Takes” to make sure that he tells us where the bomb is hidden and how to shut it off? And if that means putting him in the dunking machine for a little bit, so be it. It’s not even torture – I saw those reporters on FOX having it done to themselves, for Christmas sakes! But apparently Eric Holder here wants to read the terrorists their rights, give them all corsages, and take them to the prom.

“War crimes.” Sure, when the JAPANESE are doing it to our troops in WWII. Not when we’re saving Americans from The Terrorists, Comrade Holder. Jeesh! Does this guy not watch “24?”


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