January 16, 2009

Remember Steve King, the Republican Congressman from Iowa who said that an Obama election would be cause for street celebrations by al Qaeda (and let’s be frank, didn’t MOST of the Republicans say something like this??)? According to Politico,

“While acknowledging that the terrorists aren’t dancing in the streets, King has moved on to the whole ‘Hussein’ controversy.

He doesn’t like the fact that the president-elect will be sworn in using that middle name during Tuesday’s Inauguration.

After telling the Associated Press last year that Obama’s middle name was among the reasons Islamic terrorists would rejoice over his election, King says he’s since been careful to avoid using it. Thus he found Obama’s decision to allow it be mentioned on the steps of the Capitol ‘bizarre’ and ‘a double-standard.’

‘Is that reserved just for him, not his critics?’ King asked.

The congressman says he doubts Obama’s sincerity when he explained that he chose to use his middle name so as to be historically consistent with past inaugurations, when America has heard the full names of its presidents echo from the inaugural stand.

‘Whatever his reasons are,’ King said, ‘the one he gave us could not be the reason.’

He continued: ‘The society is a little strange about this. If you’re speaking the truth and in an effort to be objective, there should be nothing off limits in a free society, [but] there are many biases building and clearly a double-standard.'”

Absolutely right. Whatever Obama’s reasons are for using his dastardly middle name (in public! where kids can hear! where GOD can hear!), they certainly are not his stated reason: to be consistent with historical practice. Obviously, his REAL reason is to send a super-duper-secret signal to his terrorist friends: “The mighty Hussein has seized power from right under the Americans’ noses! Come out of your caves and fight!” I mean, why else would he say it? The name is ARAB. AL QAEDA is ARAB. Do the math.

He didn’t like it when his critics used it against him, but he still keeps it as a middle name? That’s a double-standard – unless you’re one of those tree-huggers who think things like “context” are important, which is really just the same as moral relativity, which is really just the same as evolution, which is really just the same as hating Jesus.

He should change his name to Barack Reagan Chuck Norris 9/11 Troops USA Obama.


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