It Took 22 Minutes

January 20, 2009

Again, Andrew Sullivan beat me to the punch. I predicted earlier that it would be before March is out that the Republicans blame Iraq on Obama. Well, they’ve started, and January 20th isn’t even out. And they’re doing it exactly they way I said they would

Michael Goldfarb in the Weekly Standard:

“The result is that Obama has inherited victory in Iraq. Bush has done more than, as McGurn quotes Biden in early 2007, ‘keep it from totally collapsing…[until he could] hand it off to the next guy.’ Now rather than retreat in defeat, our new president must manage to withdraw American troops without undermining their success. It will be a tremendous challenge, but the press will not be able to blame Bush if security deteriorates in Iraq after Obama gives the Joint Chiefs their ‘new mission.’ The victory in Iraq is Obama’s to lose.”

He’s quoting William McGurn, by the way, who believes people on the left are angry because Bush won in Iraq when the lefties said it was impossible.

My brain hurts.


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