That Remarkably Peaceful Transfer Of Power

January 20, 2009

I just wanted to weigh in on what so many commentators on the Tee Vee have talked about (I’ve watched more TV news today than I have since at least the election and possibly since Sept. 2001), i.e., the remarkable way we in America transfer power from one president to another. Amazing. This only happens in the United States, people. Can you imagine in any other country the leader, who is from one party, leaving office, and another leader, FROM A DIFFERENT PARTY, coming into office? I mean, without a coup or a civil war? Take, for example, the duel with pistols that took place in Germany between SPD chancellor Gerhard Schroeder and CDU chancellor Angela Merkel on the lawn in front of the Bundestag. Or how Tony Blair had to sever John Major’s head and display it from the walls of Buckingham Palace before Labour could take over the government in Britain. Or who could forget the great British Civil War that erupted upon the election of Margaret Thatcher, laying that country to waste? One day they will learn, perhaps, and be just like the Good ‘Ol USA. Here in America we are blessed that we have never in our history had the kind of domestic political strife that has marred the record of so many other countries. Remember how we sat around and laughed and drank Kool-Aid as the Canadians fought their great 19th century War Between The Provinces? Ahhh, the memories…


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