They Used a Chef Service!!! A COMMUNIST Chef Service!!!

January 30, 2009

The rightwingnutosphere has gone to DefCon 1 over the news that the Obamas have used – gasp! – a private chef service:

” I believed all that stuff about how Michelle was an overburdened modern working mother, rushing from school dropoff to her high-paying, demanding work at the hospital, to dress fittings, to whatever it was she needed to do to support her husband’s political aspirations, back home to take care of her daughters. Call me naive, but that model usually includes making dinner. And squeezing in a weekly grocery shopping trip. Especially for those fresh, whole foods that don’t keep so long. Now I have to wonder who did the laundry, and the vaccuuming. Sure, granny helped—but I doubt she was the maid. Who was?”

Wonkette explains what’s up:

“See, ‘private chef service,’ so if you are famous like Barack and Michelle Obama, and you are maybe going out one night to a soiree of sorts, you might call the private chef from the PRIVATE CHEF COMPANY to come and cook a healthy meal for your children. Or you might hire him for a dinner party, of which they probably had many!


Seriously, is a pot of moose chili for the family (plus Greta Van Susteren) not good enough for these elitist snobs?

This news flash, by the way, is from the same “reporter” who came up with this:

“But, for a white woman to marry a black man in 1958, or 60, there was almost inevitably a connection to explicit Communist politics.”

You see, Barack Hussein Obama’s WHITE mother married one of those black men around 1958 or 60. See? COMMUNISTS. Connect the fucking dots.

I really need to stop posting this stuff – I’m getting scared I’m going to get sucked down the right-wingnut rabbit hole and never come back. But this isn’t some crazy stuff off some obscure blog. This is Lisa Schiffren at the National Review. In Rightwingland, she’s a Serious Adult.


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