Yoo: We Need To Torture To Stay Safe…And It’s Not REALLY Torture

January 30, 2009

Bush administration OLC attorney and torture apologist John Yoo, who authored memos for the Bush WH to authorize torture, defends himself on the pages of the Wall Street Journal‘s as-far-right-as-you-can-get op-ed section. Feel free to read it carefully and circle the lies, half-truths, and passages with faulty reasoning with a red pen. See if you can spot them all.

My favorite passage:

“The CIA must now conduct interrogations according to the rules of the Army Field Manual, which prohibits coercive techniques, threats and promises, and the good-cop bad-cop routines used in police stations throughout America. Mr. Obama has also ordered that al Qaeda leaders are to be protected from ‘outrages on personal dignity’ and ‘humiliating and degrading treatment’ in accord with the Geneva Conventions. His new order amounts to requiring — on penalty of prosecution — that CIA interrogators be polite.”

And read them (not scary) bedtime stories.

Columbia Law School’s Scott Horton dimantles Yoo’s arguments in Harper’s. He also suspects that Yoo is being disingenuous, because (a) he can’t believe a tenured law professor at Berkeley can be this stupid, and (b) it will help Yoo avoid prosecution (why didn’t Bush pardon all these clowns?).


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