Ron Paul Is a Bircher

February 28, 2009

I can’t stand Ron Paul, and I am sick and tired of otherwise quite liberal commentators fawning over his extremist Ayn-Randian nonsense (Bill Maher, I’m looking at you!). The man is completely unhinged, and in a position of real power would drive this country into its grave. But I didn’t know that he was partial to the John Birch Society:

“The factual record on Ron Paul and the John Birch Society is clear, and his association with the fringe organization that made itself famous by alleging that Dwight Eisenhower was ‘a dedicated conscious agent of the communist conspiracy’ cannot be so easily brushed aside. In October, Paul delivered the keynote address at the Society’s 50th anniversary dinner; prior to his speech he released a statement praising the ‘great patriotic organization.’ Nor is his involvement limited to this one address. When I reported my story last year, a Birch Society spokesman told me that Paul had spoken to the group about a half dozen times over the past decade. Sorry, but this is not the stuff of Barack Obama being at a dinner in the presence of Rashid Khalidi.”

Not entirely surprising, of course.

Paul was on Bill Maher’s show the other night, btw, conjuring Herbert Hoover, saying we need to let the who banking and financial systems fail to clear out all the rot and start fresh. Let the market take care of it. Imagine if he were president. We’d be picking out animal skins for our caves by the next election.


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