Swat Truce Shaping Up To Be A Failure

March 6, 2009

There’s a disheartening article in the NY Times this morning about the truce between the Pakistani government and the Taliban in the northern Pakistani tribal area and former tourist destination of Swat. The aim of the Pakistani government was ostensibly to free up government troops, satisfy the local population’s desire for a functioning and autonomous judiciary, and encourage more moderate forces in the region. The government had previously been battling hardline Taliban forces in Swat.

The Times reports that the truce is shaping up to be a failure in nearly every respect. The extremist forces in the Taliban are consolidating their grip on the region. The Pakistani government is losing all control over the area. The population is being terrorized, subjected to harsh Islamic rule under the Taliban, and is being driven into refugee camps outside Swat. And Taliban forces are swelling their ranks by drafting local fighting-age males and opening training camps.

Read the entire article here. It’s chilling.


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