The “Daily Me”

March 19, 2009

Nicholas Kristof makes an excellent point today in an op-ed in the NY Times. He argues that as newspaper readership continues to decline and we turn more and more to online sources of information such as blogs, we essentially begin to act as our own editors. We select, whether it’s done consciously or unconsciously, for information not based on its truthfulness or merits but on how well it fits with our pre-existing prejudices about the world. In other words, we create our own little echo chambers, the “Daily Me.”

This part, though, really caught my eye:

“There was also modest interest in receiving manifestly silly arguments for the other party’s views (we feel good when we can caricature the other guys as dunces). But there was little interest in encountering solid arguments that might undermine one’s own position.”

No comment on how this may or may not relate to this blog…


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