Soft On Piracy

April 13, 2009


Apparently hoping that the kidnapping of Capt. Richard Phillips by pirates would turn into some sort of Iranian Hostage Crisis for President Obama, the right wing continued with their ‘soft on X-ism’ (as in ‘soft on communism,’ ‘soft on terrorism,’ etc.) mantra against Democrats, this time yielding, apparently, the charge that the new administration is soft on piracy, apparently unaware of what century we’re in. Yes, people, apparently the Terrorists are now yesterday’s news. Or, at least, they are in league with The Pirates. And the Democrats want to coddle The Pirates – perhaps read them bedtime stories or offer them hugs and psychotherapy. Unfortunately, President Obama went all badass and had the pirates killed and the hostage freed. Or, rather, the US military did it – Obama likely had nothing to do with it at all. Unless of course it failed, in which case it would’ve been Obama’s fault entirely.

At any rate, with the new rollout of Soft On Piratism a failure, Michael Tomasky, writing a blog for the Guardian, has a new suggestion:

“Oh well. Ya win some ya lose some.

I suggest they move on today to Obama’s Masters crisis. How did it come to pass that a foreigner — who doesn’t even speak English! — defeated two nice, white, southern males to win America’s most prestigious golf tournament?

Just look closely at the evidence. Kenny Perry yanks an easy iron shot left. Yeah, sure. And Chad Campbell misses a four-foot putt? All so Angel Cabrera, who hit his drive on the first sudden-death hole directly behind a huge tree, fer cryin’ out loud, could “make a great shot” on the second hole and leave himself with a short putt to win? If you believe all this, then I’m the King of Siam. This never would’ve happened when we had a real American president.”


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