Right Wing Violence And That Terrible DHS Report

June 12, 2009

On April 7th of this year, the Dept of Homeland Security issued a report entitled “Right Wing Extremism: Current Economic And Political Climate Fueling Resurgence In Radicalization And Recruitment.” Predictably, the right wingers threw a temper tantrum. Obama’s rounding us all up, you see. He’s ‘targeting’ the regular-American patriots and he’s going to throw us all into Glenn Beck’s FEMA concentration camps. Pay no attention to the fact that the report was ordered by the BUSH ADMINISTRATION’S DOJ. That’d be too much information to confuse our little heads. Obama, you see, is including in the definition of “Right Wing Extremism” everything from being against socialism to opposing universal cannibalism. Of course they weren’t talking about things like this:

“[Scott] Roeder, 51, a mentally ill, unemployed anti-abortion activist from Kansas City, Mo., was charged with first-degree murder [for killing abortion doctor George Tiller].

On Friday, the Justice Department opened an investigation into whether Roeder, who had enough money to stalk Tiller for years despite having little or no income, had help from accomplices.

Anyone who played a role in the killing will be prosecuted “to the full extent of federal law,” said Loretta King, head of the Justice Department’s civil rights division.”

Or this:

“[Self-described patriot and right-wing nutjob Jim David] Adkisson pleaded guilty Monday in Knox County Criminal Court to a deadly shooting rampage at the Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist Church, the Kingston Pike home of what the 58-year-old Powell man deemed ‘ultra liberals’ and ‘foot soldiers’ for the powers-that-be in the liberal movement.

‘I’d like to encourage other like-minded people to do what I’ve done,’ Adkisson wrote. ‘If life ain’t worth living anymore, don’t just kill yourself. Do something for your country before you go. Go kill liberals.’

He will spend the rest of his life behind bars for killing Greg McKendry, 60, and Linda Lee Kraeger, 61, after opening fire with a sawed-off shotgun inside the church where more than 200 people were gathered to watch a children’s musical. He admitted wounding six others.”

Or this:

“A gunman wearing a bulletproof vest and ‘lying in wait’ opened fire on officers responding to a domestic disturbance call Saturday, killing three of them and turning a quiet Pittsburgh street into a battlefield, police said.

Police Chief Nate Harper said the motive for the shooting isn’t clear, but friends said the gunman recently had been upset about losing his job and feared the Obama administration was poised to ban guns.

Richard Poplawski, 23, met officers at the doorway and shot two of them in the head immediately, Harper said. An officer who tried to help the two also was killed.

Poplawski feared “the Obama gun ban that’s on the way” and ‘didn’t like our rights being infringed upon,’ said Edward Perkovic, his best friend.

Perkovic, 22, said he got a call at work from him in which he said, ‘Eddie, I am going to die today. … Tell your family I love them and I love you.'”

Or this:

“An 88-year-old gunman with a violent and virulently anti-Semitic past opened fire with a rifle inside the crowded U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum on Wednesday, fatally wounding a security guard before being shot himself by other officers, authorities said.

Washington Police Chief Cathy Lanier said the gunman was ‘engaged by security guards immediately after entering the door’ with a rifle. ‘The second he stepped into the building he began firing.’
Law enforcement officials said James W. von Brunn, a white supremacist, was under investigation in the shooting and that his car was found near the museum and tested for explosives. The weapon was a .22-caliber rifle, they added. They spoke on condition of anonymity, saying they were not authorized to discuss the investigation just beginning.”

Whew. Good thing we didn’t take that DHS report seriously.

Read Paul Krugman’s column from today’s Times. Lots of people have now written on the rise in right-wing political violence, how it’s reminiscent of what happened the last time a Democratic president took office, and how it’s fueled by kooks like Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity telling everyone that President Obama is a Muslim/Socialist/Fascist/Illegal Immigrant usurper who is going to turn the United States into the Soviet Union and/or Nazi Germany and take everybody’s guns away. Krugman points out hwo this is happening not only obscure rags or on local talk radio but right in the mainstream conservative media among pundits who had the closest access to the White House during the Bush administration and continue to exert tremendous influence on Republican lawmakers.

But they have no responsibility, you see, if some ‘lone-wolf’ nutcase out there takes their hateful babble seriously.

And the “left” is much worse. I think David Letterman said something bad about Bristol Palin and Alex Rodriquez or something and Sarah Palin and Jesus cried.


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