Chicago Is In the United States…Right??

October 2, 2009

The rightwingosphere has been in a state of unabated glee over Chicago losing out to Rio de Janeiro for the 2016 Olympics.

These are the same right wingers who tell us that liberal are, pretty much by definition, traitors, and that they themselves are the Real Americans, more patriotic than the rest. Apparently it is lost on them that Chicago is an American city, and that the United States just lost out on hosting the Summer Olympics anytime over the course of the next decade.

I am skeptical about the benefits of hosting the Olympics. The criticism that it is difficult for many foreigners to enter the United States is a serious one. I am also skeptical about the economic benefits of hosting, and think many of the facilities that will get built for one-time use is a waste. And I don’t believe hosting the Olympics will do anything for America’s stature in the world – if people want to find ways to criticize an American Olympics, they will.

However, I cannot help but be disappointed that a city I consider world class was rejected. I am actually infuriated that it was dismissed so quickly and readily, and that greater consideration was given to Madrid, especially as another European city (London) is hosting in 2012, and Barcelona hosted what seems like last week. The Eurocentrism of the Olympics (and the anti-Americanism) is nauseating.

Yet more nauseating – and outright disgusting – is the spectacle of conservatives rooting against their own country and against a great American city in particular just because they hate the president. “Real Americans” indeed.


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