Goodbye Washington Post

December 9, 2009

Sarah Palin has an op-ed in the Washington Post. No idea, of course, who wrote it, other than that it wasn’t a scientist. I’m not going to link to it. Nobody reads this blog, but I’m not taking the chance that the Post will get clicks from here. It argues that Obama should not go to Copenhagen because the science behind anthropogenic global warming is bunk. It’s all part of a “radical environmentalist” conspiracy, you see, and the East Anglia emails prove it.

I cannot stand Palin (this does not mean, though, that I don’t take her very, very seriously), but I do understand that there always have been and always will be Palins in this world. What I don’t understand is: (1) how John McCain could have elevated such a person to prominence (without him, she’d still be a nobody and more than likely would remain a nobody); (2) how he was never held to account for his recklessness and cynicism in picking her and then drummed out of public office in disgrace; and (3) how she is given a platform in the mainstream media (yes, that same media she claims to be the victim of) and, most importantly, not called on her bullshit.

Copenhagen is obviously going to be big in the news this week – it’ll be everybody’s lead story (unless something else happens with Tiger Woods or some kid [doesn’t] gets trapped in a balloon again). So of course anyone who wants to be in the spotlight has to run out and say stuff on climate change to get into the news cycle. All the major papers – the Post, the Times, FT, WSJ, etc. – will run op-eds on the topic. They get to choose a handful of op-eds out of thousands than will be submitted, including literally hundreds from experts and notable people.

The Post chose Palin. And it chose an article from Palin that flies in the face of a broad and deep scientific consensus and peddles in conspiracy theories.

Shame on them.

Their op-ed page is nothing more than a running joke at this point. And now Palin, who holds no public office and whose only elected offices were mayor of Shitsville, Alaska and governor of a small territory state, is apparently welcome to use the pages of the Washington Post as an extension of her own Facebook page. And is equally free to make outrageous and just plain false (and easily falsifiable) claims without any editor lifting so much as a finger.


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