This is Moxie:

She is forced to sit at the window all day long, cruelly locked up in a tiny, Somerville apartment. She whiles the away the hours watching the world go by her window, eating popcorn, watching the tee vee, and reading the many books on politics and international affairs that fill the house that is her prison. Sometimes, if you listen closely, you can hear her barks of boredom and frustration carried with the wind.

This is her papa:

He will occasionally free Moxie from her cell and take her to run free in the woods, or to socialize with her friends. Together, dog and papa share an eternal bond of friendship, a healthy cynicism, and a love of popcorn. Together, they join in a righteous struggle for liberalism, reason, civil liberties, and to protect the world from evil kitties.

This is their blog.


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